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Posted on: September 15, 2008

     I believe that this site can be used for good. It helps us find the answers to our burning questions. On the other hand, some advice is not accurate. I was browsing on the site and put in some random questions to skim the answers given. One question was, “How did Hitler die?” The answers varied from suicide, being shot, heart failure, being eaten by boars, and so on. I believe that we should be given completely accurate information on all topics. Someone will read these answers and believe some of it. That wouldn’t be helpful at all.

     When reviewing answers, you are able to discuss the topic or add onto an answer, but you must be signed in. Questions can be posted and other people can answer them. A lot of these questions go unanswered (from what I observed). Some answers were really annoying to read. Some would put in their “idea” of what was right and it was a load of bull. If someone doesn’t know what they are talking about, they shouldn’t share “that knowledge” with the rest of the world. Most of the long advice written by others just ramble on and on about what they think….even though it’s usually way out there. For ex. In the middle of an answer someone comments by saying, “Ok, at this point I wanna make a statement….I aint bitchin’!!” What does this have to do with anything relating to the topic (which was conformity and tattoos)? It is not useful, it is just a waste of space…honestly.

     I disliked using this site because it was not accurate. Only a few things added onto my preconceived notions. Some questions resulted in informal answers, but the longer/harder questions resulted in fewer answers. I only want there to be one answer when I have a question, not a compilation of stupid comments. It should be truthful and helpful.  Logging in was easy, but viewing your account info or changing your password seemed difficult (especially as a new user).


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