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Google Calendar

Posted on: September 18, 2008

     I decided to try this program because I like to be organized (well I try ^_^).  I signed in and I was instantly given my own calendar to use. You can plan things each day and it gives you time slots for that activity. If there is no specific time, you can just label the day (ex. Tom’s Birthday, Sue’s Wedding, and so forth). I was able to see the calendars of other people and organizations. I found it handy to know what was going on in the world. There was everything from the campaign trail for the election to Walt Disney events. 
     I believe this program would be helpful in schools because other people can view the public calendars. Teachers could have their own calendars/schedules at their finger tips. The teachers could share important events and everyone would be aware. Parents would be notified of all the activities that their children are participating in and the upcoming events.  It would be less hassle and stress for everyone involved in the school. The calendar can be seen on the computer or it can be printed out.  I left mine on my computer and used it as a reminder for my assignments that are due.


3 Responses to "Google Calendar"

There’s also a really easy way to have appts. sent to your cellphone. It’s very helpful…I never missed appts. anymore!

That seems like a great program. I will, in the future, definetely look it up and use it.
Thanks for sharing!

Hi lindsay

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think your blog is realy cool.on club penguin I like is the fishing game. But i am not allowed to play at school

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