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A Person’s Views Towards Tattoos

Posted on: September 29, 2008

     I subscribed to three other people’s pages, one of which was savinoxide.  She posted “Body Modifications and Discrimination,” I was so glad I read it. I love tattoos (as I have mentioned in a prior post) and to hear another person feel the same way I do; was refreshing.

     She spoke of society and its views towards tattoos. Why are people judged by their tattoos? Why are people not hired because of them, if they are not explicit in anyway? There are several people who don’t like tattoos and there are people who absolutely love them. I advise people reading it.

       In my opinion, most people think that tattooed individuals are bad people. They are usually nothing of the sort. People love art, so why don’t they like tattoos? I can understand if they are explicit and grotesque, but most are decent. We shouldn’t judge other people by their appearance or their choices. I know it’s easier said than done sometimes, but really think about another person before making a judgement call. Put yourself in their shoes and realize that all things are not quite what they seem.



4 Responses to "A Person’s Views Towards Tattoos"

This is a very good point. A lot of..well older people..judge someone when they see that they have a tattoo. It is a stereotype that someone with a tattoo is a bad person. When I got my tattoo, one of the stipulations was that it could not be in a place that was easily seen. The reason my mom gave me this stipulation was because I was wanting to become a teacher and it would not be very professional to have a visible tattoo for students to see. I can see the reasoning behinds this decision, but at the same time it is discriminating of others and their choices. But as a teacher we need to be good role models for the students. I believe that this frown upon tattoos will fade with the years, but for now, it is not seen as a very professional thing to do. To me this is sad, because I believe a tattoo is a work of art.

Thank you for this great post! I have to add though, in my own personal experiences, negative comments come from people of all ages, not just those who are older. My husband and I sat down on Newbury Street here in Boston this past summer for lunch and a girl in her early 20’s was seated next to us… leaving out all of the details ..”Tattoos make me so sick” was uttered several times, by her. It’s hard to ignore comments like those, but if we (anyone with highly visible tattoos) speaks out then we are viewed as criminals, hateful, associated with a biker gang (or any gang). etc. because we stood up to them and their ignorance.

While doing research on this topic I found that tattoos and tattoo discrimination are not covered by discrimination laws. They are not covered because it was a “personal choice” by the person with a tattoo to get a tattoo. But, I think we need to remember who made up those laws… and we need to work towards enlightening their ignorance as well.

~Savin Oxide

Uh i know how those remarks feel. They say “oh that’s disgusting!” When I hear remarks like that, I feel like I should say something, and sometimes I do. My remarks are obviously not mean like theirs. When people say stupid things (like what that person said), it makes me angry. Why pick someone apart like that. I could turn around and pick apart their entire outfit and their features, but I don’t (it is exactly the same thing). I leave my opinion in my thoughts and I don’t feel the need to point out someone else’s flaws or personal choices. Just leave them alone if that’s how they decide to live.

People talk about racism, but this comes off as another form of racism. People talk about tattooed people and they already have stereotypes set up for us. We are judged all the time. We aren’t bad people and we shouldn’t be turned down for jobs just because of it. It won’t affect our working ability and we are hard workers. If someone has a problem with our tattoos they can do like I said before, be respectful.

…i could go on and on, but I won’t today haha…

I think it’s just a matter of personal squeamishness. I have two tattoos and my wife has four (one of mine is on a forearm, and my students are more curious than disturbed by it), so I’m obviously not opposed to tattooing, however “branding” just seems wrong to me… everyone has their own squeal point.

I think that you’re right that the social stigma against tattoos is fading – my admin didn’t even blink when she first saw my arm tattoo, but this was after I’d already been working here for awhile. I don’t know what it would be like to apply for a job with the tattoo visible (although I did interview for this one with all my earrings in).

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