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Do you believe?

Posted on: November 1, 2008

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we got into the topic of superstition and other things like horoscopes. Do you believe in superstition? Our closed conversation became a friendly group discussion. As for their superstitions, they only believed in certain ideas. For ex. a black crossing your path twice or shattered mirrors. Everyone had their own opinion. So is it real? Will these “ideas” affect our karma? Of course, it is to each their own. I don’t believe all things cause bad karma (For ex. stepping on cracks), but I do believe in certain “myths” about bad karma.

As for horoscopes, they deal with the astrological signs. Do you believe in these? Are we just putting all of our eggs into one basket? Is it a belief and nothing more? Once again, everyone has their opinion on this. I believe that when we are born it symbolizes something significant in our life. It is something to believe in. I know people base horoscope signs in order to find a match, but I think matching deals with more than your signs. It should be based on compatibility and connections.

This leads into the topic that everything happens for a reason. Does it? Or do we affect our fate? Does one small change affect everything that we know? This is a hard topic to talk about. I believe that the choices we make do affect our future in a huge way. Sometimes I wonder if certain things happen for a reason. For ex. some days you will be walking down the hallway and run into someone you did/didn’t want to see. On the other hand, if everything happened for a reason, why would someone lose everything? ex. losing their family or living on the streets. What would a person learn from this? Who deserves such a fate? No one. So why does it happen? Someone can do all the right things in life and still end up with a sad ending. I know several great people who have cancer, and they never deserved it. My best friend died in a car accident and she was the nicest person you would have ever met. Are these lessons for others? Are they reminders from a higher power or just bad karma? No one will ever know, but it is always up for debate.

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hi lindsay thanks for commenting on my blog. The thing is about the kitten my moms hates cats but loves kittens but we had a cat 2 years ago so i don’t get it and i really don’t think we’ll reach an agreement so i’ll keep trying but still i really want one and i don’t think it is fair because she said i could get any other animal so yeah. Do you have any animals?

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