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In the perfect world…

Posted on: November 1, 2008

If you didn’t need to work to live, would your life be different? Where would you find yourself and what would you be doing? Would any of your past decisions in life change? I would travel the world and see everything, if I had the chance. I would live by the ocean or somewhere warm. I would go for long walks and listen to peaceful music or just nature itself. I would draw everyday in the perfect world. There would be no stress and there would be serenity. Outside of my life, education would be a equal opportunity. Everyone would receive the best education without paying a cent. We wouldn’t be faced with wars that go on for ages. In the perfect world everything would come easily. I know that everyone has had this thought at one point or another, but ask yourself something. Will these things ever be accomplished or can they? Are they possible?  Can you make them happen? Are these things out of reach? Life will always be the “what if” factor.


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