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Posted on: November 4, 2008

I can’t wait to see what changes will be made by OBAMA while in presidency. Things will be interesting. YAY!


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Hey! I’m really excited to. I hope some good things get done!

I’m with you guys on this one. It seems things can’t get much worse down there, so I hope he can fix it.

Hey that will be cool to see what changes he makes and what ones hey will keep the same. I mean it not like it can get much worse.

Hey I read your blog it’s nice I want to blog with you.

Hopefully things will change!!

I think it is great that Obama is the president now because U.S.A. really needed a big change!! I hope he will make the change they need. Do you think he can end the war? It would be great if he could!! It will be a surprise, I guess. He is the first black president too. That is pretty cool!!
Love Laura

Hi linz1212

I’am suposed to leave a comment to you come to my blog after you read this comment and we can start a conversation what do you like to do? What do you like the most about bloging? I love to type. But on bloging fiddling with the colors is what I love to do the most. What university are you at? I’am in elementry school, so I’am not even close to geting there. Talk to you later linz1212. Bye.

Hi, its awsome it will be really cool to see what
changes he will make first. It would really really
really really suck if he got assasinated i wouldn’t
believe how crazy the world would be but
dont you already now how crazy it would be
but if he did get assasinated it would be just the movie
cauld vantage point. By the way have you seen that
movie its one of my favourites.

Hi nice work I can’t wait too.

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