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Tech Task #14 (Part 2)

Posted on: November 8, 2008

I revisited and watched a video by Matthew Neddleman called “Kicking it Up a Notch Film School For Video Podcasters.” The video consisted of Matthew talking about making videos and the other aspects related to videos. I really liked this video. The beginning and ending of his video was very cute. He treated the scenes as if it was an older version of a detective/mystery movie. He went into the importance of transferring information into something visual. By using visuals the observer will be able to understand the video and become more interested as well.

He talked about storyboarding and the importance to plan ahead with your ideas. Each frame should make the visual intriguing. First, you should draw the images you want to capture, then place a frame on the image in order to get the effect you want. Once you are on the set and making your movie, one does not have to follow their prior sketches, but they are helpful. 

He made an interesting point in his video. He said that most children do not read books, yet we teach them to read and comprehend text in school. The media is always around young children. By making a video, the children become aware of the affects that media play on them. They learn that music, shots, and other aspects of a movie are influencial. Everything in movies reflect the story and the message/theme. When making a video, we should follow the rule of thirds. The shot should be on the intersecting lines on the screen (if you ran three columns vertically and horizontally on the screen, ex. looking like this #). Matthew gave the viewer tips on the equipment that is useful in video making (such as light and sound). All in all, it was a good video and I enjoyed it. Here it is.


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