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I revisited and found a presentation called “We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff with Blogging Mentors.”Kathy Cassidy and Patrick Lewis joined forces to do a mentorship program. Patrick’s University of Regina students mentored Kathy’s grade 1/2 class. This video reminded me of my classes current situation. My university class is mentoring with other classes (that are different grade levels, ex. 7, 3, 4, and so forth). The children are excited about blogging. The students are happy to know that there is someone else reading their blog (the university students). By blogging or messaging back and forth, the children become more skilled in proper grammar. In the video, the teacher reviewed the student’s work and used it as research to see if the children were becoming more literate. The children were definitely getting better at writing proper sentences. The video talked about attitude and achievement being hand in hand with one another. Here it is.

The difference between this situation and our own is that we will not be meeting our blog buddies and they don’t really know what we look like. But, we do look forward to talking to our buddies and vice versa. It is a really good experience and I am glad that I had the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.


I revisited and watched a video by Matthew Neddleman called “Kicking it Up a Notch Film School For Video Podcasters.” The video consisted of Matthew talking about making videos and the other aspects related to videos. I really liked this video. The beginning and ending of his video was very cute. He treated the scenes as if it was an older version of a detective/mystery movie. He went into the importance of transferring information into something visual. By using visuals the observer will be able to understand the video and become more interested as well.

He talked about storyboarding and the importance to plan ahead with your ideas. Each frame should make the visual intriguing. First, you should draw the images you want to capture, then place a frame on the image in order to get the effect you want. Once you are on the set and making your movie, one does not have to follow their prior sketches, but they are helpful. 

He made an interesting point in his video. He said that most children do not read books, yet we teach them to read and comprehend text in school. The media is always around young children. By making a video, the children become aware of the affects that media play on them. They learn that music, shots, and other aspects of a movie are influencial. Everything in movies reflect the story and the message/theme. When making a video, we should follow the rule of thirds. The shot should be on the intersecting lines on the screen (if you ran three columns vertically and horizontally on the screen, ex. looking like this #). Matthew gave the viewer tips on the equipment that is useful in video making (such as light and sound). All in all, it was a good video and I enjoyed it. Here it is.

I went onto and watched a 23 min video. It was about a superintendent being introduced to the internet and certain websites. He talks about getting involved with Web 2.0, flickr, Voicethread, and so on. He talks about his introduction to Web 2.0 (by MP3, presentations, messaging, and so forth). I didn’t really find this presentation very interesting or educational. Here it is. I believe that he is correct, in the sense that everyone will have to learn how to use the computer sooner or later. I honestly believe that some aspects of life have become to dependent on technology. Everyone expects information at their fingertips…right now!

I can’t wait to see what changes will be made by OBAMA while in presidency. Things will be interesting. YAY!

I have been writing back and forth between two classes online. I have found the children to be very polite and creative in their online work. One class is taught by Anne Davis, who has a grade five class.

Their class blog is “Reflective Voices”-
The classroom teacher’s blog is “Fifth Grade Reflections” –

The other class is that of Sandi Kerney. Her class is a 6/7 split.

Their blog is:

If you didn’t need to work to live, would your life be different? Where would you find yourself and what would you be doing? Would any of your past decisions in life change? I would travel the world and see everything, if I had the chance. I would live by the ocean or somewhere warm. I would go for long walks and listen to peaceful music or just nature itself. I would draw everyday in the perfect world. There would be no stress and there would be serenity. Outside of my life, education would be a equal opportunity. Everyone would receive the best education without paying a cent. We wouldn’t be faced with wars that go on for ages. In the perfect world everything would come easily. I know that everyone has had this thought at one point or another, but ask yourself something. Will these things ever be accomplished or can they? Are they possible?  Can you make them happen? Are these things out of reach? Life will always be the “what if” factor.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we got into the topic of superstition and other things like horoscopes. Do you believe in superstition? Our closed conversation became a friendly group discussion. As for their superstitions, they only believed in certain ideas. For ex. a black crossing your path twice or shattered mirrors. Everyone had their own opinion. So is it real? Will these “ideas” affect our karma? Of course, it is to each their own. I don’t believe all things cause bad karma (For ex. stepping on cracks), but I do believe in certain “myths” about bad karma.

As for horoscopes, they deal with the astrological signs. Do you believe in these? Are we just putting all of our eggs into one basket? Is it a belief and nothing more? Once again, everyone has their opinion on this. I believe that when we are born it symbolizes something significant in our life. It is something to believe in. I know people base horoscope signs in order to find a match, but I think matching deals with more than your signs. It should be based on compatibility and connections.

This leads into the topic that everything happens for a reason. Does it? Or do we affect our fate? Does one small change affect everything that we know? This is a hard topic to talk about. I believe that the choices we make do affect our future in a huge way. Sometimes I wonder if certain things happen for a reason. For ex. some days you will be walking down the hallway and run into someone you did/didn’t want to see. On the other hand, if everything happened for a reason, why would someone lose everything? ex. losing their family or living on the streets. What would a person learn from this? Who deserves such a fate? No one. So why does it happen? Someone can do all the right things in life and still end up with a sad ending. I know several great people who have cancer, and they never deserved it. My best friend died in a car accident and she was the nicest person you would have ever met. Are these lessons for others? Are they reminders from a higher power or just bad karma? No one will ever know, but it is always up for debate.

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